Blitzweekend 2008 Kickstart Videos

I went to film the Blitzweekend Kickstart event tonight (well, yesterday, technically). It’s now 4:15 AM and I am done cutting, converting and uploading the footage for your geeky and entrepreneurial viewing pleasure.

Blitzweekend is an unique experience where designers, developers, and entrepreneurs are challenged to create a working product in 48 hours […] Find a solution to a current problem, meet and innovate with bright creatives, work in an environment built for rapid development, and get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.

  1. Introduction (EN/FR)
    Introduction and last minute match ups.
  2. Team Introduction (EN/FR)
    Organizers and Sponsors.
  3. Rules and Principles (EN/FR)
    Question and Answers.
  4. Presentation – Ben Yoskovitz (EN)
    Starting and raising money for a startup.
  5. Presentation – David Fugère (FR)
    Utiliser Ruby on Rails pour programmer des applications Facebook.
  6. Presentation – Matthew Harrison (EN)
    Financial and administrative pointers for startups.
  7. Presentation – Arach Tchoupani (EN)
    The benefits of Python for rapid web applications development.
  8. Presentation – Yann Rousselot-Pailley (FR)
    Aides et subventions gouvernementales pour entrepreneurs Québécois et Canadiens.
  9. Presentation – Vincent Guyaux (EN)
    Panelist tips for the contestants.
  10. Presentation – Alistair Croll (EN/FR)
    “Making it Viral” (English starts 3 min. in)

Mainly being on the techy side of things, I particularly enjoyed the more business oriented presentations given by Ben, Matthew, Yann and Alistair.

Good luck to all the participants! See you on Sunday, when I come to film the demos and the event’s conclusion.

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