Release: wpDirAuth 1.2

I have released a new version (1.2) of wpDirAuth, my LDAP connectivity plugin for WordPress.

The release brings the ability to specify alternate ports for the chosen LDAP server(s), as well as a few bug fixes found through the help of the development and support group members.

6 thoughts on “Release: wpDirAuth 1.2

  1. Sounds good, Stephane. I can’t wait to try it out. There are still a couple of features that I would like to see added.
    1. The ability to add multiple Base DN’s (not all of our users exist in the same branch).
    2. MU compatibility. Right now I have to manage this as a separate plugin for each blog, it would be nice to have a central management screen for all blogs.

    Thanks again for providing this excellent plugin and all the work that goes along with supporting it.


  2. @kyle: Thanks. MU is definitely what I’m going to tackle in the next version, now that I have fellow users (though I have to set myself up), and I’ll look into the multiple Base DN while I’m at it.


  3. Stephane,

    I so so so happy to hear you will be tackling mu next! We hope to implement MU for our campus users next Fall and the LDAP piece will help us deal with the single identity for users we’ve been promoting for years. Thanks again! If you need a beta tester, let me know.


  4. @Melinda: I had started wpDirAuth while working at McGill University (Web Systems Architect) and had originally focused on the single install version of WordPress to provide directory auth to the many instances found on campus. MU was going to be the next WP implementation step, but having changed jobs in the meantime, it had been moved to the back burner. On the other hand, considering the obvious demand for MU support and my personal interest in the platform, it’s now back in the forefront indeed. :)

    Thank you for your offer for help in beta testing. I will absolutely take you on your offer shortly.


  5. I have wpDirAuth set up and activated on my WordPress blog. Directory Auth comes up as a new button. When I configure it I still get invalid username at the login page. Here is my config (note: I’ve used SERVER.DOMAIN as an example)

    Enable Directory Authentication: Yes
    Require SSL Login: No
    Enable SSL Connectivity: No
    Directory Server: SERVER.DOMAIN:389
    Account Filter: sAMAccountName
    Account Suffix:
    Bind DN:
    Bind Password:
    Confirm Password:

    I’ve used MS 2003 ldp.exe program to locate the above information for LDAP and have found it to be accurate. I can connect to my domain with no problems and find my valid user account. However, I still get the user invalid on the main WordPress page.


  6. Followup: I’m using WordPress 2.6.1 installed under RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 which uses



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