OAuth Gets a Release. OpenID, Not So Much…

As Sylvain noted before I had a chance to, OAuth 1.0 was released today. OAuth [probably] stands for Open Authentication, since it is an open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. I’ve been eagerly following this one for a while now. Fascinating stuff.

Now, should I rub it in and mention that, as expected, OpenID 2.0 did not get ratified at the IIW last Monday? Well, it’s on until tomorrow, so there’s still time.

One common denominator for the two projects these days is the all mighty Google, with the new Blogger In Draft (ie: beta) offering OpenID support, and Chris Messina reporting that the search/ad giant also signed the “OAuth Non-Assertion Covenant and Author’s Contribution License”.

I can almost taste the mythical open, decentralized social network of tomorrow. Can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “OAuth Gets a Release. OpenID, Not So Much…

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  2. I should point out that OAuth is probably better extended as “Open Authorization” rather then “Open Authentication”. The distinction was pointed out to me at IIW and I think it’s an important one. ;)


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