OpenMoko is Picking Up Steam

From the source article, over at the always great

FIC has announced an on-sale date for its Neo1973, expected to be the first low-cost, high-volume phone with a user-modifiable Linux-based operating system. Additionally, the OpenMoko project building open-source software for the phone has published a wealth of technical resources. […] The first [release phase was] Feb. 11, with free phones for prominent open source community members. The real sale date will be March 11. That’s when the online store opens, and everyone can buy one direct, for about [US] $350.

I read about the OpenMoko project the same day the iPhone was announced, and I really think I’m more eager to see a Neo1973 than I am to see Apple’s upcoming solution.

There are very good photos (1, 2, etc) of the device’s innards on the project’s wiki for the hardware enthusiasts.

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