Help Requesting Flash for Linux on PowerPC

Kai Staats is asking for the community’s support in requesting for Adobe to port Flash 9 for Linux to the Power architecture (YDL, really). He also appropriately suggests for people to submit the requests with consistent[-ish] data, so the numbers work in the movement’s favour.

Soon to be fully opened sourced, Sun’s Java is sure to quickly become available for this platform, therefore making the Flash player and browser plugin one of the next must-have components remaining to be ported. We will need Adobe to provide us with this port though, since the Flash Player source is not Free or available.

I haven’t yet, but in the meantime, one could also try to use Gnash, a GNU Flash movie player.

Update: I tried Gnash 0.7.2 (in FC6 Extras) on my iBook G3 tonight. It’s promising, but most definitely is a work in progress to say the least (admittedly so: alpha 2). Most simple animations work fine enough, but more advance Flash movies are still out of reach. It also does not seem to support the now iconic Flash Video format (flv), now made ubiquitous on the Web through such high profile sites as YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, and countless others.

4 thoughts on “Help Requesting Flash for Linux on PowerPC

  1. there is a way to see youtube’s videos on linux ppc. with:-firefox+greasemonkey+downloadvideo script- Mplayer with ppc-codec (available in medibuntu-repository for ubuntu)you can easily download the .flv on your desktop & play it with mplayer.see more (in french) here: Effraie on linux ppc


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