Sony OtherOS Installer for Sony PlayStation 3 Released

Last saturday, I posted about Terra Soft releasing Yellow Dog Linux 5 for the PS3 on November 27th. And earlier this week, the Fedora developers tried to one-up them by releasing an add-on disc for FC5 PPC (which YDL is based on) to install the original distribution on one’s shiny new console.

Today, the very much anticipated Sony OtherOS Installer was also made available for download, unleashing the final key to enabling anyone to easily turn the powerful game console into a full blown computer.

It is advised to use the FC5 PPC DVD, rather than CD set, to proceed with this installation:

For more details, the Quick Journal team has a couple of nice articles on how to boot and install GNU/Linux on the PlayStation 3.

I would still imagine, though, that Terra Soft will probably remain the leader in Linux for the Power Architecture, all the more in the enterprise market, given the type of resources they have to support their distribution: dedicated team, first Cell-based supercomputer, IBM and Sony backing, etc.

But for many, you can’t be early and free! :)

Update: Someone has now posted a video of Fedora Core 5 running on a PS3 on YoutTube.

3 thoughts on “Sony OtherOS Installer for Sony PlayStation 3 Released

  1. I honestly could not tell you the real reason behind this fact, but yes, everybody seems to be talking about FC5, not FC6. I googled it up, but all I could find were references to FC5. Best guess is that the work has been going on for a while, and that FC5 is more stable than the newer FC6.


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