Portland to San Diego road trip: Montreal


And so begins what shall be known as Alex and Stephane’s Portland (OR) to San Diego (CA) epic adventure.

Why an adventure? Because we’ll be driving all the way rom Portland (OR) to San Diego (CA) over the next 6 days, in Alex’ (aka Viper007Bond, since he was a kid) now-acquired dream car: his 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Convertible!

How could this not be epic?

We’ll be meeting our Automattic friends in San Diego, and spend the week there when we’re done.

When that plan first came up, and Alex mentioned he was considering driving, I had a message sent to him within a couple of minutes, asking if he wanted a co-pilot. He replied just a fast, saying that that might actually make the trip more feasible (it’s a long drive on one’s own, company is a must).

And so here I am, sitting at Moe’s, in Montreal’s international airport (YUL), waiting to board my flight to Vancouver (BC), then Portland.

Being such an experience, I’ve decided to record as much of it as possible in text. video and pictures. You’ll therefore be able to follow along right here on my site. I’ll be tagging all related posts with PDX-SAN, for posterity.

On this, my chicken quesadillas are here, so… more when I get to the West Coast. :)