8 thoughts on “Software it took to make my new Mac mine

    • I’m setting this one clean, for the 1st time in like 15 years (no migration assistant carrying my decade old crap over). All my work is in VMs or remote sandboxes, so my needs are few on the host OS.


      • Right, but…

        brew tap caskroom/cask
        brew cask install clipmenu
        brew cask install virtualbox
        brew cask install vagrant
        brew install unison
        brew install macvim
        brew cask install eclipse-php
        brew cask install wordpresscom
        brew cask install google-drive
        brew cask install google-chrome

        That would have saved you some time :)

        Keep a list of your favorite apps up to date in a .sh file, and reinstalling a new Mac from scratch will be super quick; all you’ll have to do is run the executable and let homebrew install everything for you :)

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