The armband let’s you control computers and other electronic devices by just moving your forearm muscles. The initial model recognizes 20 gestures, such as pinch to zoom and swipe for next. Near the end of the clip, you’ll see the skier using it along with Google Glass.

The MYO, by Canadian startup company Thalmic Labs, starts shipping late 2013 (limited quantities) at a cost of $149 and will work with Windows and Apple products. A few reasons pop into mind as to why it’s limited quantities (They have a lot of development left to do to make it mainstream? As a startup, they don’t have the production capacity, or the funding? Is someone else going to buy them out/make it? Are they afraid someone will use it to take over the world? Will it end up being a gimmick?). In the meantime, the near future of gesture control products…

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