New P2 + Child Themes = tekArtist Refresh


First theme change since July 2007, I guess I was due. I had told Noël that I’d make the switch to his excellent P2 theme once he released the latest version. Since he did that on Friday, it was my turn to fulfill my end of the deal. I installed P2, made a child theme to start tweaking it to my liking with barely any effort and voilà: simple, clean, effective, I love it!

6 thoughts on “New P2 + Child Themes = tekArtist Refresh

  1. I’m impressed. I attempted to create a P2 child theme today and ran into several snags. For one, the blog keeps thinking I’ve logged out. I have no idea if that’s something possibly caused by the child theme or not, but after narrowing things down again and again, that seems to be the first change that causes things to go haywire. Have you seen any of that in your child theme?


  2. I’m trying to create a P2 child theme and am having some problems. There’s a function in p2/inc/template-tags.php that I’d like to change, but I keep getting a “cannot redeclare” error.

    I thought that once you copy a template file into the child directory that WordPress ignores the parent version. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    Any ideas? Thanks!


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