Tommy Guerrero, Featured

Check out Van’s “Collaboratory – Tommy Guerrero – Part 1” on OffTheWall.TV

I first heard of Tommy Guerrero when he and I were young skaters, back in the late 80s. He was part of the Bones Brigade and is, through the latter’s videos, the source of some of the earliest memories I have of San Francisco as the truly amazing city that it is.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Tommy is more active than ever, as a skater (business side), a musician (and guitar store and recording studio owner) as well as a designer. A well rounded man, after my own heart. He has always been, is and will likely always be one of my true idols.

New Diabolical Skateboards Deck and T-Shirt

Check out what I received in the mail today, surprise courtesy of the always excellent Kevin Conboy.
Thanks Kev’, I’m stoked!

Diabolical is a Denver (CO) based skateboard company. Haven’t gotten Kevin’s connection back story yet, beyond the shared location. :)

The deck is their George Nagai pro model. You can see his handy work in the video edit embedded below.

Unsurprisingly yet always a source of  contentment on my end, Diabolical’s site is running on WordPress (but of course).