Camera+ Sees Major Update: Dozens Of Features, New API, Integration With WordPress, Foodspotting & More

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Following increasing competition, most recently from SmugMug’s nifty Camera Awesome app, everyone’s favorite iPhone camera replacement app Camera+ is rolling out a major update today. There are a ton of new features in version 3.0 of the app, including speed improvements, multiple photo import, better sharing options, and more, but the biggest change isn’t really a consumer-facing feature at all – it’s an API.

Starting today, developers can integrate Camera+ into other apps or create web services that make use of the photos shared by the app’s millions of users. According to Camera+’s maker, Lisa Bettany, several developers are already integrating Camera+ into their apps using the new APIs, including WordPress, Tweetbot, Twitterific, Foodspotting and Twitterlator Neue.

For those unfamiliar (Android users?), Camera+ is the 10th best-selling paid iPhone app of all-time, and it recently shipped its 7 millionth copy. The app serves to replace the iPhone’s built-in camera with…

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In a past post, Divide and Concur, we told you how we approached dividing our large test suite into smaller test suites by keeping similar tests together rather than arbitrarily dividing.

Dividing tests by common points of error made triaging failures systemic failures quick, and enticed everyone to write faster, more deterministic tests, but not all was perfect. Our Jenkins dashboard was quite verbose.

The numerous jobs on our dashboard were great for pinpointing where the failures were, but it was difficult to determine at which stage of the deploy pipeline the failures existed. Some tests were executed on every commit. Some tests were executed when the QA button was pushed. Some tests were executed against a freshly pushed Princess or Production build. We were using the Jenkins IRC plugin, and the number of messages per hour was drowning out necessary communication in the #push channel.

We needed some…

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